Ibex Restaurant – Lunch in Calgary under $50

ibexIbex is an Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurant on 17th Ave SE (3515 17th Avenue S.E., Calgary). A party of two can have lunch there for around 40. The place is nice, with some 15 tables and nice decorations from the region. I confess to eating Ethiopian/Eritrean food for the first time in my life, so there were quite a few things I didn’t know. The waiter was nice and helped us through. I wanted something with meat but not very spicy. He recommended a lamb stew which was very tasty (and a bit spicy…). My partner went for a dish with ground beef, which was less impressive.

We didn’t quite know what to expect: the food came with a big spongy pita – injera – and a small side salad. The injera was quite sour for my taste, but went really well with the sauce from the lamb stew. And the waiter taught us how to use the injera to eat the food (you scoop the food out with a small piece of injera).  We’re used with having  veggies or rice next to the meat, so the salad was welcomed. Towards the end of the meal, one waitress came with a pot with roasted coffee beans and ‘smoked’ us. As another restaurant guest told us, this is a custom in such restaurants and later on, they brought us a cup of coffee on the house. Our waiter told us coffee is the main export staple in the region, and the coffee was indeed very good.

The two main dishes, plus two cokes (again, they have the cans which I so much like over the tap) – $36.

Ibex African Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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