Favorite Shawarma Place

I know there are lots of shawarma places in Calgary, but my favorite is way down in SE. You cannot get there without a car, but my partner discovered the place some time ago, and we keep on going there almost once a week. The owner makes delicious desserts (especially the cookies…), but they are quite pricey.

The place is called Desert Deli, located in Forest Lawn, off 17th AVE se with 52nd st (1830-52nd St. SE). You can get the chicken donair for 7.50 (the beef donaire is 6.50). They have regular and large sizes, for the hungry ones. There are quite a few tables there, the place is always clean but crowded at lunch time. It’s open every day until 8pm (Sunday til 6pm).


One thought on “Favorite Shawarma Place

  1. […] inside.  I have tried the eclair in various other places in Calgary (Maria’s Market and Pita Wrap Desert Deli), but the one bought from Eclair de Lune was by far the best. Be warned that it’s not cheap […]

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