Spreads that make your life easier…

Here are two spreads that will make your life (and party-planning) much easier. Not only are they healthier than most of the cheese-based stuff, but they are… well, different!

Veggie SpreadThe first one is the Vegetable Spread – you can find quite a wide variety of them in the ethnic stores, with prices ranging from $5-7. They are usually made up of roasted red veggies (such as bell peppers, tomatoes and occasionally eggplants) and are delicious with crackers or even carrots.

The second one is the Taramosalata – basically fish roes with a bit of oil. Add a bit of finely chopped onion Taramosalataand/ or garlic, and you’re guaranteed to have a smashing success (for around $4-5). Crackers, toast or thin strips of bell pepper are great with this salad.

If you live in Calgary, you can get them at Kalamata – the downtown grocery store next to 17th Ave, located at 1421 11 Street SW.

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One thought on “Spreads that make your life easier…

  1. […] Kalamata Grocery Store (in the vicinity of 17Ave SW, 1421 11 Street SW). The place to go for veggie spreads, canned vegetables and fruits, sweets, flat breads, olives and above all white cheese… (Already blogged about the pickles, taramasalata and veggie spreads) […]

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